John Bender was a character in The Breakfast Club. He was in detention for pulling a fire alarm. He was portrayed by Judd Nelson.

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Benders early life, except for the fact that he comes from an abusive household. As such, he has become the "criminal"/bully he is. His family is poor, or at least lower middle class. Mr. Bender is a smoker. In fact, for Christmas, Mr. Bender got John a carton of cigarettes and said, "Hey! Smoke up Johnny!".

Detention Edit

Bender got into detention because he pulled a fire alarm. On the day of detention, March 24, 1984, Bender got several more detentions for insulting Assistant Principal Vernon, and egging him on.

Bender took a screw out of the door, made fun of Claire, and made snarky comments every time one of the other detainees spoke their heart.

However, as the detention went on, Bender slowly became friendly, and began to like Claire.

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